MetaSTARS Second Training: "Effective Communication and Persuasion Techniques"

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Within the framework of the European METASTARS project, three training sessions on Soft Skills will be carried out. The second, "Effective Communication and Persuasion Techniques" will be held on two dates, 11/27 and 12/13, both from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The training sessions will last an hour and a half and include a margin of 30 additional minutes in case questions arise or the question and answer session lasts longer than expected.

These trainings are a specific personal training action for European clusters both in the aerospace and defense sector, as well as in other potential client or supplier sectors (Mobility, Energy, ICT, Electronics, Transport, Renewable Energy or Tourism) and that could Also include some SMEs belonging to said clusters, in skills that increase the resilience of the sector.

The training will be in online format and taught in English.


The general objectives of the three trainings are:

  • To learn how to establish relationships with relevant educational institutions and research centers.
  • To build a strong online and social media presence to highlight your company's culture, exciting projects and
    professional development opportunities.
  • To show the participants the importance of feedback and recognition to improve the quality of relationships
    with the team.
  • To train team members to manage the necessary emotional competencies and to maintain a good climate that
    contributes to increasing the effectiveness of any professional interaction.
  • To show the participants how to recognize interests and needs in every negotiation and how to move away
    from positions.
  • To learn how to develop strategies and techniques in every negotiation according to the other party acts.

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The objectives of the second training are:

  • Focusing on the target
  • Structuring a message
  • How to overcome the filters in communication
  • Distorting elements: tone and lack of feedback
  • How to hold one-to-one development conversation
  • The power of communication and its impact in the long term
  • Persuasion techniques