Start-up challenge: Accounting and reduction of GHG emissions

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Start-up challenge: Accounting and reduction of GHG emissions

Iberdrola started investing in renewable energy more than two decades ago, laying the foundations on which to build a clean, reliable, smart business model. Thanks to this approach, the company is currently a world leader in renewable energy and on the cutting edge of the energy transition towards a low-emissions economy.

As part of the path towards a decarbonized and resilient economy, the company is committed to being net zero globally before 2050, and to supporting our customers to lower their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by introducing decarbonisation measures based on energy efficiency and electrification of the demand.

Iberdrola, through PERSEO, its International Startup Programme, is looking for new innovative solutions that allow our residential, commercial, industrial and public administration customers an active role in managing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reducing their environmental impact.

This challenge is being launched in collaboration with the European Innovation Council (EIC) within the framework of its EIC Greenhouse Gas Programme, the purpose of which is to identify, develop and scale up innovative technologies with the highest possible impact in terms of GHG emission reductions and business competitiveness.