Webinar 'Industry 5.0'

Event information

The 'Industry 5.0' webinar is part of the services offered for SMEs in the INNOVATE call of the European In Transit project, of which CTA is a part.
Industry 5.0 is a way of running businesses that uses advanced technologies to empower humans and reduce stress on machine workers. It is a revolution that will affect all industries, and the possibilities for companies are endless.
The new industry focuses on human and environmental well-being rather than just the bottom line. The business model uses the latest technologies to increase productivity and reduce stress.
The process also aims to make industries more resilient to external shocks. These are some of its key features that will make the industry of the future more competitive and more sustainable.

This session had the following agenda:

15:00-15:05h – Welcome and In Transit introduction
Silvia de los Santos, Aerospace & Production Technical Officer CTA
15:05-15:35h – Industry 5.0 and IRT JV introduction
Guy Caverot, PhD in charge of technology transfer at IRT Jules Verne
15:35-16:05h – CATEC introduction and innovation projects
Eduardo Ferrera, Head of the Automation and Robotics Unit at FADA-CATEC
16:05-16:10h – Conclusions
Silvia de los Santos, Aerospace & Production Technical Officer CTA