European Projects

CTA has established itself as a leading partner in numerous European Projects; it has taken part in various initiatives as part of the H2020 Programme, Cosme, Interreg, ERANET and CIP (Competitiveness and Innovation Programme).

The experience we have gained has enabled us to create a growing network of contacts with businesses, foundations, corporations and other organisations in Europe and other parts of the world which we can make available to our members and clients.

CTA has taken part in these projects:

Support in the development and dynamization of R&D projects

  • R&D projects generation. Support, promotion and advice.
  • High capacity for communication and dissemination of project results, with special emphasis on the Spanish market.
  • Validation of business models.
  • Funding of Andalusian R&D proposals.


Market Perspective

  • Detection of trends, gaps and market barriers from the business vision.
  • Active promotion of technology transfer (B2B and University-Business).
  • Development of business plans based on innovative technology. Support for business training.


Networking and meeting points

  • Integration with national and international collaboration networks.
  • Meeting forums and workshops, with University-Business participation.
  • Search for strategic partners.
  • Business cluster. Representative of more than 150 companies in 7 strategic sectors in Andalusia.
  • CTA technical officers are evaluators in European projects calls for proposals (H2020, FP7, SME Instrument).
  • CTA is a strategic advisor in innovation programs of the Administration.
  • CTA provides technical support to innovation funding programs and technological entrepreneurship.
  • Experience in the development of technology transfer through the mobilization of patents (PatenCTA) in collaboration with Andalusian public universities.
  • International Success Cases Manual of University-Business Cooperation (REUNE)
  • CTA works as PUNTO RED PIDI (National Network of Information Points on Research, Development and Innovation Activities, managed by CDTI). Currently, it is the International Node of the PIDI Network, in addition to being a proximity node since 2008.
  • Expert foundation in the writing and edition of reports and publications on innovation at regional and national level.
  • Preparation of feasibility studies in areas such as neuroscience, big data and cloud computing, tourist recommendation services and bioeconomy.
  • Stable collaboration agreements with regional and national economic agents.