The European project SCALE-UP has the objective of creating training for sustainable rural development and supporting regional actors (farmers, companies, associations, entrepreneurs, researchers and Public Administration) to identify and develop innovative business models based on bioeconomy.

To do this, SCALE-UP will implement different activities to help regional actors take advantage of the potential of the bioeconomy in six European pilot regions, among which is Andalusia, due to its potential to develop the bioeconomy due to the great availability of biomass.

SCALE-UP will involve at least 75 regional actors to be part of the project activities, such as workshops, training courses and regional knowledge exchange platforms. Likewise, it will organize at least six 'bio' competitions and will involve 600 high school and university students to promote the general knowledge of the bioeconomy and the access of young people to related careers.

The SCALE-UP project, financed by the Horizon Europe program, will implement a business development program aimed at entrepreneurs, with the aim of providing them with advice to assess market conditions, prepare business plans and identify compatible sources of financing for 12 basic biological solutions.


• Coordinator: Ecologic Institute (ECO)
• Asociación de Cámaras de Agricultura del Arco Atlántico (AC3A)
• Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (CTA)
• International Centre for Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES)
• Fundación UNIMOS (UNI)
• Food Cluster – Business Upper Austria (TMG)
• Biomass Technology Group (BTG)
• WIP - Renewable Energies (WIP)
• BioFuel Region

Budget and deadline

Budget:  2.999.888 euros

Deadline: 01/09/2022 - 31/08/2025

CTA activity

CTA coordinates the work package dedicated to the generation of business models, value chains and bio-based markets.

To this end, CTA will generate the necessary spaces and conditions for co-creation, transparency and open innovation. In addition to providing dedicated innovation support services (market assessment and business model design) to innovators.

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