Boosting innovative Digitech Value chains for Agrofood, forestry and environment

European project DIVA has been approved under Horizon 2020 (H2020) programme, the European Union framework programme to support innovation and research. This project has a total budget of over 4 million euros for three years.

DIVA has the objective of boosting the digitalisation of the agrifood, environmental and forestry sectors and is led by the French cluster Agri-Sud Ouest Innovation and other partners from 6 european countries participate (France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Ireland).   

In particular, this project seeks to promote the generation of new chain values in order to achieve the digitalisation of the business network in these sectors. It will provide support to innovative SMEs in the agricultural, food, forestry, environmental and ICTs sectors through innovation support services and incentive schemes to technological development, demonstration and internationalisation projects. The main challenge of this project is to close the gap between ICT providers and the European agrifood industry.


Budget and deadlines

Budget: 4.165.586,14 €

Deadlines: April 2018 - March 2021

CTA activity

CTA will manage a budget of over 1 million euros as the leader of the SMEs acceleration activity, that consists in the design and management of an aids programme with two incentive calls for projects related to technology development for SMEs of the mentioned sectors (agrifood, environmental and forestry).

Furthermore, CTA will collaborate in other DIVA activities like the establishment of a network of field experts to give support to the SMEs, the mapping of european aids centered in the technological development and the promotion of other calls included in the project.

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