The CTA is the only Spanish organisation taking part in the European Superbio project which is funded by the EU H2020 programme.

The aim of the project, which has a budget of €3.35 million over a 30 month period, is to promote and stimulate the European bioeconomy sector, an emerging biotechnology based area of industry which uses renewable organic matter (biomass) as a more sustainable and cleaner alternative to the current fossil fuel-dependent economy.

The project, led by the Belgian public-private partnership, Ghent Bio-Economy Valley (GBEV), involved a total of 10 partners from 6 European countries. CTA represented Spain and there were SMEs and other bodies from Belgium (BBEPP and Biotechs), Poland (PTPB), France (TWB), the United Kingdom (NNFCC and GJE) and Germany (NOVA and BCNP).

The project aims to consolidate at least 10 new multi-sector and multinational European bio-economy value chains and assist at least 30 SMEs which are not actually project partners by providing support services for innovation valued at €1.8M.