Tracking opportunities to develop and strengthen data collection and big data in agrifood chain to increase competitivity of SMEs.

European project TRACK has the main objective of creating an interregional ecosystem that stimulates, on the one hand, innovative solutions for the agrifood chain, and on the other, joint investments towards the agro-industry 4.0. It will focus on the value chain of the plant production, intensifying the enrichment between ICT sectors, like big data and traceability, and agro-industry actors, specially SMEs.  

This project belongs to Cosme Programme (Europe’s programme for small and medium-sized enterprises), which aims to promote competitiveness and industrial investment in the European Union.

The main objectives of the TRACK project are:

  • To build a common vision between clusters of consortium members, in order to face the challenge of adapting new technologies that improve efficiency and traceability of food value chains based on vegetable production.
  • To propose a joint implementation of an action plan with a view to stimulate innovation, companies and the investment that contributes to improve efficiency and traceability in the food chain.
  • To create an interregional cross-fertilisation system between the ICT sector-traceability & big data in the agrifood sector, and colaborative tools between actors.
  • To reinforce and develop pilot projects that facilitate the growth of promising solutions.
  • To give support to selected ICT SMEs in order to accelerate the solution deployment of the agrifood sector.