The European Tr@nsnet project aims to contribute to the energy transition by defining a new model of a university living lab, i.e., a real test bed for open innovation, which is transferable to companies.

Funded by the Interreg-Sudoe programme with a budget of €1,4 million, this interdisciplinary and cross-border project will help researchers and stakeholders exchange knowledge and experiences on methodologies, experiments and technology demonstrators related to research on energy transition.

Tr@nsnet project is a continuation of Interreg-Sudoe 2016-2019 Tr@ansener project.


Budget and deadline

Total budget: € 1.524.535

Deadline: 1/10/2020 - 31/3/2023

CTA activity

CTA participates in the activity aimed at designing a generic and transferable living lab model, coordinated by FUNSEAM. Specifically, CTA will carry out several studies to promote open innovation in living labs: regulatory challenges and obstacles, SWOT analysis on the state of open innovation, comparative analysis of current initiatives, etc.

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