Own projects


ATRESBIO seeks to create and consolidate value chains to obtain bioproducts derived from byproducts (residues) of the olive grove, horticulture and algal biomass. For this, ATRESBIO will analyse Andalusian research and innovation services capabilities, with the aim of identifying improvement areas. In addition, it will carry out an action plan for the deployment of the Bioeconomy in Andalusia and will propose a medium-term technological surveillance system. It seeks to maximize the competitiveness of the Andalusian industrial fabric, economic growth and job creation associated with sectors of high added value for the region, such as agriculture, energy and agribusiness.

Neuroscience Project

The CTA has carried out a feasibility study in order to identify opportunities for the development of projects and services based on the application of neuroscience for health and social welfare. In 2013, in collaboration with specialist consultants Biolty, the CTA began a market research and technological study to identify the business opportunities and market trends which could be used as a basis for decision-making by both the organisation and its member companies.

KAAS Project

In 2013, the CTA developed a feasibility study to identify opportunities for product development and services based on the Knowledge as a Service (KAAS) model within the framework of Big Data and Cloud Computing technologies.

SRT Project

In 2013, a feasibility study was carried out to identify product development opportunities for tourist destinations based on a system of recommendations and customised content and feedback focusing on the perceptions and feelings of users.

Biodeal Project (Bioeconomy and bioproducts)

As a result of the identification of a new strategic approach related to the bio-economy and bioproducts market, in 2014 the CTA developed a programme of activities concerning positioning and network construction, an important aspect of which was a coordination and support initiative for involvement in the H2020 programme. The project, entitled Biodeal, involved the carrying out of a viability study to assess the development of a bio-economy based on bioproducts with the application of biotechnology to reduce energy dependence, thereby achieving sustainable processing of material chemical compounds and obtaining fuels from biomass.

Trading Project

In 2014, a study aimed at defining an agri-food marketing platform in Andalusia was carried out as part of a large scale project called Trading, which included other sector specific studies conducted in previous years. The aim of the study, which was outsourced to researchers from the University of Almeria, was not only to establish an e-commerce platform, but also to set up a collaborative network which permits decisions to be taken concerning the commercialisation of Andalusian agri-food products.