Boosting Andalusian capacities for the Bioeconomy in the Olive, Horticulture and Biomass Algal sector

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ATRESBIO seeks to build and consolidate value chains to obtain bioproducts derived from by-products (residues) from the olive grove, horticulture and algal biomass. To do this, ATRESBIO project will analyse regional capabilities in strategical research and innovation services to identify improvement areas. In addition, it will carry out an action plan for helping in the deployment of the Andalusian Bioeconomy and will propose a medium-term technological surveillance system.

The project aims to maximize the competitiveness of the Andalusian industrial fabric, economic growth and jobs created linked with sectors of high added value for the region, such as agriculture, energy and agribusiness.

The project is funded by the Regional Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Research and University of the Andalusian Government through the EU ERDF Operational Programme.

Advanced innovation services

ATRESBIO is analyzing Andalusian research capabilities and the provision of the following advanced innovation services:

1) Industrial proof-of-concept.

2) Patent and IP related aspects.

3) Life-cycle assessment.

4) Technology and economic appraisal.

5) Feedstock analysis.

6) Market research.

7) Sustainability assessment and regulatory compliance and reporting.

8) Business Planning and business plan reviewing.

9) Access to investors.

10) Support to proposals to EU funding calls.

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  • To analyse and ensure visibility to current capabilities in the provision of R&D and innovation services  for biomass valorization by public and private research groups, technology centres and companies.
  • To promote the coordination of available regional resources, avoid duplication and foster the transfer of technology and knowledge, as well as cooperation between complementary entities.
  • To collaborate in the establishment of roadmaps for the design of actions aimed at internationalising Andalusian capacities and promoting the areas of improvement identified in the region in the short, medium and long term.
  • To support the positioning of Andalusia as a region of international reference in bioeconomy.

Budget and deadline

Budget: €184.200 

Deadline: October 2019 - June 2022


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