Welcoming Message from President

Technological Corporation of Andalusia is at the service of companies, universities, public authorities and other bodies and its aim is to help transform the results of innovation into wealth creation. Established in 2005 with the support of the Andalusian Regional Government, the Corporation now has more than a decade of active experience in the promotion and support of business innovation and has established its own model of technological transfer, based on cooperation between the key agents of innovative practices: public-private, university-business and between companies in different sectors and of different sizes.

The Corporation works to forge links between ideas and talent, knowledge and entrepreneurship and innovation and the market. During the last ten years we have supported hundreds of business R&D projects which have led to the generation of new products and services, or new ways of creating them, as well as patents, new types of business, commercial benefits for Andalusian companies and solutions to the major challenges facing contemporary society. New aeronautical materials, precision agriculture, big data, robotics and sensorics, sustainable construction, bioeconomy, biotechnology solutions for healthier foodstuffs and the production of medications and intelligent systems for individualised tourism are just some of the many areas of innovation in which we are working with our member companies to develop ground-breaking advances. The fact that we specialise in seven key strategic sectors has given us the capacity to support transverse projects, which are a catalyst for innovation and create bonds between companies from different sectors and of different sizes. Support from public bodies and the close collaboration between universities and Andalusian research centres, combined with the commitment and courage of our member companies, has led to the Corporation becoming a unique organisation with enormous potential.

Innovation is synonymous with competitive advantage. As such, we try to link the strategic planning of R&D to the general objectives of each business, identifying its needs, formulating projects and looking for financing and the ideal partners to achieve what is required. Apart from that, we have developed more sophisticated services related to innovation which include the internationalisation of R&D and technology scouting, as well as the Procurement of Innovation by Public Bodies and the evaluation of entrepreneurial initiatives based on technology.

Our aim is to be a strategic ally in a long term commitment to innovation

Adelaida de la Calle Martín