Aerospace and Production Processes


Silvia de los Santos Trigo

Aerospace and production Technical Officer


The Aerospace and Production Processes sector includes the aeronautical industry, which plays an increasingly important role in Andalusia in terms of industrial capacity and technological potential. It also covers the industrial sector in general.

The Andalusian aeronautical industry, situated in the cluster which has developed around the Airbus Group factories, is the second most important in Spain in terms of turnover and employment. It has become a significant player at an international level and is the site of the final assembly line for the A400M, the new military transport aircraft being built by Airbus Military. A wide variety of CTA members are operating in the sector, including Airbus itself, as well as highly specialised spin-off university projects and sub-contractors of various types. We also help to finance numerous R&D initiatives associated with this important programme as well as others linked to the development of new materials, the investigation of new assembly technology, RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems), very light jets, etc.

In terms of other areas of production, the Corporation supports various projects aimed at increasing competitiveness in the Andalusian industrial sector by researching new products, industrial processes and management formulas which can offer added value. There has been special focus on projects related to the development of industry 4.0 and cyber-industry, which will help companies to optimise their processes and become more flexible, efficient and competitive.