Carmen Ronchel Barreno

Biotechnology Technical Officer

Like ICT, biotechnology has the capacity to have a leverage effect on other economic sectors as a catalyst for innovation, and can therefore increase their competitiveness. According to a report by the OECD, the application of biotechnology to primary production, health and industry could lead to the emergence of a bioeconomy which would make a considerable contribution to economic activity as a whole. The bioeconomy - the economy generated by industries and economic sectors which produce, manage and exploit biological resources (agriculture, food, fishing, energy, health, etc) - is fundamental in helping to confront the challenges facing a society which is progressively growing and ageing whilst the essential resources for its maintenance and progress are limited.

The biotechnology R&D projects financed by the CTA are essentially applicable to sectors such as agri-foods, biohealth, energy and the environment and are leading to initiatives such as a biofactory for active principles, a kit to prevent possible transplant rejections, technology based on artificial intelligence for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, bioprotectors for crops and technology for the development of a biorefinery, amongst many others.

The various CTA members in this sector include a number of large companies as well as the most significant base technology companies in the Andalusian biotechnology cluster.