Energy and the Environment

Germán López Lara

Energy and Environment Technical Officer

The current opportunities for Andalusia, and Spain in general, to become international leaders in specific aspects of the renewable energy sector are unlikely to bettered. The Technological Corporation of Andalusia is helping to finance highly innovative sustainability and energy efficiency projects in the region. These include initiatives concerning biomass and hydrogen technology as well as wind and solar energy. We are also giving our backing to numerous projects for the enhancement of waste as well as a variety of desalination and water treatment schemes. This is one of the most active sectors in terms of seeking financial assistance from the CTA for R&D projects.

The public demand for sustainable energy, the Kyoto Agreement, the vulnerability of countries which are major energy importers and the need to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, all point towards the need for a change in the model of energy creation in which renewable sources are bound to play an ever-increasing role.

It is necessary to evolve from the current energy system, which is highly dependent on fossil fuels, towards a more sustainable, cleaner and efficient approach, which may come from future technological innovations, but also depends on the widespread use by society as a whole of technology which is already available.