Isabel Hormigo Melgar

ICT Technical Officer

The ICT sector is fundamental in terms of promoting innovation and establishing a productive model which is based on knowledge and human resources and open to global markets, with a high level of technological input and a significant commitment to R&D. It also acts as a catalyst for innovation in other sectors and as a motor for the adoption of new models of production and a key tool for R&D.

Together with Energy and the Environment, ICT is one of the most active sectors in terms of seeking finance from the CTA for R&D projects. It is a strategic area thanks to its transverse nature and its key role for innovation in other sectors, and in fact, almost 50% of the ICT projects financed by the CTA involve the application of this type of technology to other areas of the economy including health, agri-foods, construction, business management, biotechnology, defence, energy and the environment, etc.

Innovative projects supported by the CTA are leading to positive outcomes in a diverse range of areas including robotics and sensorics, big data, telecommunications, home care assistance systems, multimedia operating rooms, improvements in diagnostic and therapeutic medical processes, augmented reality systems to aid aircraft assembly, radiofrequency as applied to food traceability and waste management, new systems for the promotion of tourism, etc.