CTA participates in a training session on innovation of the European project AeroSTREAM

The Technical Manager of the Aerospace Sector and Productive Processes of CTA, Silvia de los Santos Trigo, has been responsible for giving the workshop "How to prepare a good proposal for the Horizon Europe program" on Wednesday, May 3 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) from Zagreb (Croatia).

During this session, the participants have obtained information about the process of drafting a project request for one of the current tenders on the European Commission portal (Financing and tenders). In addition, the participants had the opportunity to gain practical experience completing the application form and receive valuable feedback and advice on how to highlight the main elements and increase their chances of success.

This event has been organized within the framework of the European AeroSTREAM project, in which CTA participates as a partner of the consortium, the day before the start of the Drone Days, a two-day meeting focused on unmanned aerial vehicles whose program consists of master lectures and an exhibition area.

The European project AeroSTREAM aims to value the results of the European AeroTwin project and extend them to a network of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, to enhance the research and innovation capacity, and prepare and establish lasting and integrated cooperation between these institutions, which translates into a greater number of joint research initiatives within the framework of the European Union.