CTA participates in the Transfiere Forum 2019 to promote Open Innovation

  • CTA has its own stand, which will include a demonstration of the augmented reality technology applied to training from the company Seabery.
  • CTA member companies such as Magtel, GMV or Wellness Telecom participate in the networking tables.
The president of CTA participated in a round table on 'Innovando Juntos' program in Transfiere.

Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) participates in the 2019 edition of the Transfiere Forum to promote R&D from the open innovation approach, which is based on collaboration with other companies and scientific groups to incorporate the best and latest knowledge and technology available in the market.

The European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation (Transfiere) celebrates its eighth edition as the great annual meeting of R&D, knowledge and technology transfer, with more than 1,500 companies represented, 4,700 research groups and more than 5,000 meetings scheduled.

A demonstration of the augmented reality technology of Seabery in the stand of CTA.

CTA has a stand in the area of Open Innovation, where it will inform attendees about its R&D funding program and its advanced services to support business innovation. The CTA stand will host a live demonstration from the company Seabery to show the operation of augmented reality technology applied to welding training, developed by this company with the support of CTA and called ‘Augmented Training’.

Additionally, in the networking area CTA will have several networking tables, in which CTA and some of its member companies will take part, such as Magtel, GMV or Wellness Telecom.

The president of CTA, Adelaida de la Calle, participates in a round table on a technological challenge of the ‘Innovando Juntos’ program, a success story led by MSD of open innovation applied to cardiology and the use of Big Data.

The Chief Technology Officer of CTA, Fabián Varas, participates in a round table moderated by CDTI on instruments to support R&D, while the Head of Energy and Environment, Germán López, moderates another panel on the state of the art in energy and transportation.