DIGITbrain project is looking for ICT experts to evaluate its second call for proposals

Participate until 1 May 2022.


The European project DIGITbrain has launched a call for independent experts with experience in advanced ICT technologies to evaluate proposals submitted in its second call for experiments. 

Experts should be experienced evaluators with expertise and knowledge in digital twins and industrial products for the manufacturing sector. In addition, they should have knowledge of some of the relevant technologies involved in the project, such as Edge/Cloud computing, HPC and AI-based tools. 


Call for experiments

DIGITbrain's second call for experiments is open and aimed primarily at SMEs in the manufacturing sector, to fund 7 new industrial use cases based on digital twin technology.

About DIGITbrain

Funded by the European Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020, the DIGITbrain project aims to enable European SMEs in the manufacturing sector to benefit from a new business model concept based on AI, called manufacturing as a service or MaaS.