TRACK project trains 9 ICT SMEs in the agri-food sector

Sinapssia, Nutrasing, Sixphere and Symbia Solutions are the Spanish companies that will participate in the coaching programme.

The European TRACK project has selected 9 European SMEs from the ICT sector interested in expanding and developing their business model in the agri-food sector. The selected SMEs are: Sinapssia, Nutrasing, Sixphere, Symbia Solutions (Spain), Sis-ter, Zuffellato (Italy), Centric IT (Romania), Landfiles and Agrithermic (France).

The TRACK project will offer advisory services to help these companies implement and adapt their business model to the agri-food sector needs through a training programme and support for the internationalisation of their business plans.

Within the framework of TRACK project, CTA's Business Development consultant, Rocío de la Rosa, gave two webinars aimed at ICT companies. The first webinar was about the keys and recommendations to enter the agri-food market and the second webinar was about the open European funding calls for ICT SMEs.

CTA is the only Spanish partner of the European TRACK project, which is funded by the COSME programme with the aim of promoting cooperation between European regions for the application of Big Data and the improvement of traceability in the agri-food sector.