The European project DIVA receives an award for innovation in France

CTA and AMETIC are the Spanish entities that participate in this European initiative that has funded 134 innovative projects, which have contributed to the digitisation of the agricultural, forestry and environmental sectors.

The European project DIVA, in which CTA (Technological Corporation of Andalusia) and AMETIC participated, has received an award in the innovation category from the French Ministry of Research and Innovation.

This honorary award recognises and highlights the work carried out by the EU project DIVA to contribute to the digitisation of the agri-food, environmental and forestry sectors in Europe. The award has been received by the project coordinator, the French cluster Agri-Sud Ouest Innovation.

Funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme, the DIVA project has contributed to generating new value chains for the digitisation of the European industrial fabric in the agricultural, environmental and forestry sectors. For this purpose, it has launched two calls in which 396 proposals were received and 134 projects from 180 SMEs from 9 European countries were financed, including 36 Spanish SMEs.

In total, the DIVA project has allocated 2.7 million euros to SMEs, which have generated 124 new innovative solutions or services. In addition, 58 projects have generated commercial contracts between SMEs and other stakeholders.

The digital transformation of the industry is one of the great challenges set by the European Commission as a priority for its policy to support innovation, considering it a key step to guarantee future competitiveness.