CTA participates in the services for SMEs of the INNOVATE call of the In Transit project

The European project In Transit, in which CTA participates as an Andalusian partner, has begun to provide the services of its first open call INNOVATE, whose objective is to support and guide SMEs in the aerospace, textile, construction and advanced manufacturing sectors in self-exploration from the current business model towards a new circular business model, improving processes or developing new products.
Specifically, on November 14 and 15, CTA participated in two advisory sessions: 'Industry 5.0' and 'Challenge and Innovation Platforms & Networking'.
The technical manager of the Aerospace and Productive Processes sector, Silvia de los Santos, participated in the 'Industry 5.0' session, held on Tuesday the 14th, along with Guy Caverot, doctor responsible for technology transfer at the IRT Jules Verne, and Eduardo Ferrera. , Head of the Automation and Robotics Unit of FADA-CATEC. In it, the advantages of the implementation of Industry 5.0 were explained and different examples of success stories by IRT Jules Verne and FADA-CATEC were shown.
While in the session 'Challenge and Innovation Platforms & Networking', held on Wednesday the 15th, the innovation consultant, María Jiménez, participated along with Vladimir Gumilar, director of the Slovenian Construction Cluster. In it, it has been explained what the different challenge and innovation platforms are and what they are for. In addition, different networking platforms and networks have been presented to the participants and it has been shown how participation in them can benefit SMEs.
The INNOVATE call focuses on personalized advisory services, including assisted self-assessment and circular/digital diagnosis, coaching/training at a strategic level (business model). And this support will translate into different services that will be provided, on an individual and group level, from November 2023 to January 2024 by the partners of the In Transit consortium based on their experience.