CTA provides training on Horizon Europe and dissemination in European projects in Sarajevo

On November 8 and 10, the innovation consultant, María Jiménez, and the communication technician, Marta González, gave four training sessions on Horizon Europe and Diffusion in European projects at the consortium meeting of the European AeroSTREAM project, of which CTA is a member. part.
Under the theme 'Everything you need to be successful in Horizon Europe', the training addressed the areas 'What is Horizon Europe and how to prepare a proposal?', 'How to manage a Horizon Europe project', 'How to maximize the impact : Dissemination' and 'Preparation of reports and writing of documents', to give attendees a complete vision of the different areas of knowledge that must be taken into account when participating in a European project. The training was focused on students from the University of Sarajevo and was also attended by members of the project.

The European AeroSTREAM project aims to assess the results of the European AeroTwin project and extend them to a network of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, to improve research and innovation capacity, and to prepare and establish lasting cooperation and integrated between these institutions, which translates into a greater number of joint research initiatives within the framework of the European Union.