Annual Report 2018

Memoria 2018

Innovation is the best passport to a successful future and CTA is a strategic ally. 2018 was a year of positive figures. We surpassed 160 Foundation member companies. Furthermore, we ended the year with nearly one thousand business R&D and innovation projects submitted to our incentives programme, of which we have already funded more than 670 with 168 million euros, which have leveraged a private innovation investment in Andalusia of more than 500 million euros.

We continue to grow in the international sphere with multilateral projects in El Salvador and Peru, participation in major events related to innovation in Latin America and great progress in European projects. 

In addition, dozens of clients have now put their trust in the advanced services of CTA to support innovation in areas such as innovation strategy support, R&D internationalisation or funding of technology-based entrepreneurs.

The 2018 Annual Report compiles the main milestones of the year and offers some keys on the R&D overview for 2019.

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