Annual Reports

  • Annual Report 2021

    CTA, as a cluster and benchmark in the R&D&i ecosystem, turned in 2021 to meet the needs of companies and other innovative entities to accompany them in the reactivation after the Covid-19 pandemic. CTA financed new innovative projects, maintained its activity as a partner in international innovation projects and continued to provide advanced consultancy and support services for business R&D&I. Innovation is the way for companies to take advantage of the economic recovery and successfully face a market full of uncertainties.
  • Annual Report 2020

    CTA has become a benchmark in the innovation ecosystem. Thousands of promoted R&D and innovation projects endorse this foundation as a success case of public-private collaboration that helps innovative entities to accelerate its R&D and innovation activity and make it profitable. 2020 has proven that innovation is one of the most powerful tools for adapting to a rapidly changing world and facing unexpected events with resilience. CTA faces a new stage of growth to continue contributing to the change in the production model in Andalusia and Spain, to collaborate in the digitization and decarbonization of the economy and to strengthen the science-technology ecosystem in the region, helping research results reach the market.
  • Annual Report 2019

    The commitment to R&D is the greatest strength of innovative companies. For CTA, 2019 was a year of growth and consolidation of new business. We continue to foster and support business R&D, promoting innovation projects, providing multiple consulting and advisory services and expanding our international activity. New member companies, new clients, new international projects... The Annual Report 2019 compiles the major milestones of the year and reviews the main activities carried out by CTA as a driving force for innovation and increasing competitiveness.
  • Annual Report 2018

    Innovation is the best passport to a successful future and CTA is a strategic ally. 2018 was a year of positive figures. We surpassed 160 Foundation member companies. Furthermore, we ended the year with nearly one thousand business R&D and innovation projects submitted to our incentives programme, of which we have already funded more than 670 with 168 million euros, which have leveraged a private innovation investment in Andalusia of more than 500 million euros.