Support for the Internationalisation of R&D initiatives

The CTA can help you gain deeper insight into programmes and instruments such as Horizonte 2020, European Innovation Partnerships, Knowledge and Innovation Communities and European Technology Platforms, and enable you to participate in them.

The most competitive companies in the world use international R&D initiatives as leverage for enhancing their commercial and operational activities, and these are often supported by external sources. International R&D projects provide the opportunity to explore new markets whilst offering companies definite advantages in terms of meeting new partners and clients and learning about competitors.

The CTA can provide consultants who are specialised in international programmes, as well as a broad network of European contacts and experts on the EU H2020 project.

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  • Training in the identification of funding opportunities and participation in international project.
  • Integration into existing international networks and contact with potential foreign partners.
  • Submission of applications for funding which match the requirements and expectations of promoters and investment bodies.
  • Medium term influence on the definition of future publicly-funded international programmes and strategies.