Support for Innovation Procurement by Public Bodies (PPI)

The Procurement of Innovation by Public Bodies (PPI) is a public contracting mechanism which is becoming increasingly common.

This represents an ideal opportunity for innovative companies to be awarded public contracts and develop new products and services.

For Public Authorities it offers a way of promoting technological innovation within the existing industrial fabric and responding to the latest needs of the general population.

Sectors such as health, education, dependency care services, environmental management and civil engineering offer ideal opportunities to participate in tenders for innovation procurement by public authorities. There are European funds in place to stimulate this instrument, which in the case of Andalusia, may mean that public agencies receive funding for up to 80% of the cost of the tender process.

  Ask us information about:

  • Customised advice services for companies wishing to participate in CPI tenders.
  • Guidance for public bodies wishing to carry out a CPI.
  • Advice on technological legalities and areas of uncertainty.
  • Support and guidance in anticipating public demand in order to establish a coherent bidding strategy.
  • Technical support for the implementation of CPI projects.
  • Latest market data regarding business and development trends and information concerning new technology which is being developed, offered and required.