Strategic R&D Advice


Are you interested in optimising your company’s R&D projects, taking advantage of the available subsidies and obtaining tax benefits? We can help you plan and structure your innovation to meet the strategic objectives of your company and obtain the best possible results.

90% of companies which have received support from the CTA say that it has helped them become more competitive, and nearly 80% have successfully increased the level of professionalism in the management of their R&D projects.

Our success is backed by ten years of experience in strategic advice on R&D.

  Ask us information about:

  • Development of plans to promote innovative culture at every different level.
  • Advice to align innovation policies with business strategy.
  • Advice on the funding of R&D.
  • Support for functional project design, preparation of proposals, advice on potential for R&D, research and selection of business partners, alignment of projects with opportunity environments at regional, national and international levels.
  • Advice on taxation and R&D (tax benefits).
  • Guidance on official before and after evaluations of R&D projects.
  • Advice concerning the dissemination and communication of R&D initiatives.
  • Advice concerning the implementation of the public-private model of cooperation in R&D initiatives.
  • Support in commercialization of results of R&D