Evaluation of initiatives based on innovative technology

Minimise risk in entrepreneurship programmes, innovation competitions and investments in business projects or initiatives based on new technology (business angels, seed capital, etc).

The CTA has an in-house evaluation service with detailed objectives and proven procedures which can be adapted to the specific nature of each project and sector. Its dual technology and market based approach provides a comprehensive assessment of real potential for market application and suitability.

Our experience involves more than 1,400 evaluations covering all the strategic productive sectors and technological fields. We guarantee flexibility and a rapid response.

The success of a business idea, a start-up or a technology-based entrepreneurial project can be significantly increased with an analysis which takes into account its potential for success, the possible competition in terms of the technology being developed and its market potential.

  Ask us information about:

  • The design of objective evaluation procedures.
  • Before and after impact evaluation of strategic R&D programmes, concept tests, portfolios of R&D results, models and plans for technology based businesses (during the incubation, acceleration or reorganisation phases).
  • Training / mentoring of entrepreneurs in the financing and marketing of innovation and the dissemination of technological developments.
  • Technological risk assessment for entrepreneurial initiatives