Información del evento

Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (C/Inca Garcilaso 3 - 41092 Seville-Spain)

CONCORDi-2013 will focus on the financial strategies, drivers and barriers affecting the link between the innovation and growth of European companies. The financing of firms' R&D and innovation will be dealt with from two main perspectives: the firms' access to external sources of finance and the strategic use of internal sources. The Conference will focus on two main topics with respect to financing R&D and innovation for firms' growth:

- Financial sources, constraints and firms' growth strategies
- Public policies, policy means and financing facilitators.

CONCORDi-2013 shares the unique approach of the previous Conference editions in linking science and policy around relevant questions. It is especially addressed to researchers, but also industrialists and policy makers. The Conference aims to collect cutting edge scientific knowledge in the field and to deliver policy relevant messages to support relevant EU policies set in the context of the Europe 2020 strategy and its Innovation Union flagship initiative in particular.