What is the CTA?

Adding to Innovation

Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) is a strategic partner for innovation. It helps businesses, universities, public authorities and other bodies to successfully achieve their R&D objectives and valorise the results.

Founded in 2005, with the aid of the Andalusian Regional Government, it is a private foundation which works to promote innovation and comprises 168 member companies. It offers:

An innovation cluster:

  • CTA is a strategic alliance for innovation which is open to companies throughout Andalusia, regardless of their size or area of business. It enjoys the support of public authorities, universities, social agents and other bodies.
  • We help our member companies to successfully plan an overall strategy for innovation: from their R&D requirements and the formulation of projects to the search for business partners and the funding required to achieve their aims.
  • We are specialists in technology transfer and the evaluation and financing of R&D.
  • We have considerable experience in promoting transverse projects which are based on the seven sectors which are considered to be of maximum strategic importance for the Andalusian economy: Aerospace and Production Processes, Agri-foods, Biotechnology, Construction and Civil Engineering, Energy and the Environment, Leisure and Tourism, and ICT.
  • We have successfully pioneered our own unique model for the transfer and development of regional innovation and our methods have attracted interest from governing bodies and institutions from other autonomous regions as well as abroad.

Advanced innovation services:

  • CTA helps businesses, universities, technology centres, public authorities and other bodies to achieve the maximum results from their R&D initiatives and transform the results into wealth creation and concrete business activities. Preferential terms for member companies.
  • The services we provide include: strategic R&D advice; evaluation of innovative initiatives; support for the internationalisation of R&D; consultancy in processes involving Procurement of Innovation by Public Bodies; support for technology scouting and studies and reports concerning ad hoc innovation.