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Governing bodies

Governing bodies


Composition of the Board of Trustees

It is the collegiate governing and representative body of the Foundation.

Composed of:

  • President: Mr. Beltrán Pérez García
  • Secretary: D. Ricardo Astorga Morano
  • A member representing each founding and numerary member
  • Eight members representing the collaborating members
  • Two members representing the associate members
  • Seven members representing the PAIDI groups
  • Three representatives of Universities and Research Centers.
  • The President of the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia
  • The director of the Andalusian Knowledge Agency
  • Acciona
  • Airbus Operations
  • Airbus Defense & Space
  • Atlantic Copper
  • Ayesa
  • Azvi
  • Banco Santander
  • BBK Cajasur
  • CAF
  • Caixabank
  • Caja Rural del Sur
  • Cajamar
  • Cepsa
  • Ciat
  • Corporación de Empresas Municipales de Sevilla
  • Cosentino
  • Covap
  • Dekra Testing and Certification
  • Deoleo
  • Detea
  • EKS
  • Endesa
  • Fundación Bancaria Unicaja
  • Fundación Caja Granada
  • Fundación Focus Abengoa
  • Fundación Prasa 
  • Fundación Sánchez-Ramade
  • Fundación Vodafone
  • Grupo Sacyr-Vallehermoso
  • Heineken
  • Herba Ricemills
  • Holcim
  • Iberdrola
  • Indra
  • Inerco
  • Iturri
  • Laboratorios Farmacéuticos Rovi
  • Magtel
  • MP Corporación Industrial
  • Nedgia Cataluña
  • Novasoft
  • Persán
  • Sando
  • Siemens Gamesa
  • Telefónica
  • Torresol Energy
  • AGQ Labs
  • Biomedal
  • Bionaturis
  • Ghenova Ingeniería
  • GMV
  • Guadaltel
  • Hispacold
  • Ingeniatrics Tecnologías
  • Tier 1 Technology
  • Wellness Techgroup

University and research centers

  • Andalusian Council of Universities, Mr. Francisco Oliva Blázquez
  • Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Ms. Maria Isabel Paneque Sosa

PAIDI Group Representatives

  • Aerospace Sector and Production Processes: Mr. Federico París Carballo
  • Agri-food Sector: Ms. Rosa Gallardo Cobos
  • Biotechnology Sector: Ms. Ana Paula Zaderenco
  • Building and Civil Works Sector: Mr. Rafael Gallego Sevilla
  • Energy and Environment Sector: Mr. Carlos Bordons Alba
  • Leisure and Tourism Sector: Mr. Antonio Guevara Plaza
  • Information and Communications Technology Sector: Mr. José Fco. Aldana Montes


  • IDEA Agency: Mr. Miguel Ángel Figueroa Teva
  • Secretary General for Research and Innovation: Mr. Antonio Posadas Chinchilla

Executive Committee

It is the governing body that coordinates, promotes and executes the orders and acts that emanate from the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.

Composed of:

  • The President of the Foundation
  • The Vice-Presidents
  • 8 members representing the founding and numerary members
  • 1 member representing associate members
  • 2 members representing the collaborating members
  • 1 member representing the Universities
  • The President of the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia
  • Chairman: Mr. Beltrán Pérez García. CTA
  • 1st Vice-President: Ms. Esther Sánchez Manzano. Sando
  • 2nd Vice-President: Mr. Antonio Pascual Acosta. Unicaja
  • 3rd Vice-President: Mr. Juan José Silva Campos. Airbus Defence and Space
  • Covap: D. José Antonio Risquez Salas
  • Endesa: D. Rafael Sánchez Durán
  • Ghenova: D. Carlos Alejo García-Maurico
  • Greening: D. Ignacio Salcedo Ruiz
  • Iberdrola: D. Antonio Fernández González
  • INDRA: D. Jesús Ángel García Sánchez
  • Inerco: D. José González Jiménez
  • Magtel: D. Juan Luis López Magdaleno
  • MP Ascensores: D. Eugenio Barroso García de Leyaristy
  • Pegasus Aviación: D. Miguel Ángel Tamarit Almagro
  • Asoc. Universidades Públicas de Andalucía: D. Francisco Oliva Blázquez
  • Vodafone: D. Rafael Alcaide Castilla
They attend with voice but without vote
  • General Director CTA: Mr. Elías Atienza Alonso
  • General Secretary of Research and Innovation: Mr. Antonio Posadas Chinchilla
  • Managing Director IDEA Agency: Mr. Miguel Ángel Figueroa Teva

Sectoral technical committees

They are sectoral advisory bodies whose mission is:

  • Advise the Management in the definition of the main lines of action
  • Promote prospective technological studies
  • Report on the evolution of the incentivized projects
  • Generate networking among its members.

There is a CTS for each of the strategic sectors in which CTA operates:

Strategic Advisory Board

It is the body that brings together public, social and economic entities committed to the development of R + D + i and the Knowledge Society in Andalusia.


  • Propose lines of action
  • Promote clusters within the Foundation or in the Andalusian social and business fabric
  • Analyze the evolution of the Foundation’s strategic plans
  • Make proposals on the horizon of R+D+i activities and the Knowledge Society in Andalusia in line with the European framework


  • Minister of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities.


  • Deputy Minister of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities.


  • President of the Confederation of Businessmen of Andalusia
  • Secretary General of the Confederation of Employers of Andalusia
  • Secretary General of UGT Andalusia
  • Secretary General of CCOO Andalusia
  • Secretary-General for Innovation and the Information Society
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