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AEROSTREAM hosts two workshops with school students

Our European AeroSTREAM project has held two inspirational workshops for women and girls in science. Our sectoral technical manager of the aerospace sector, Silvia de los Santos, and our consultant, María Jiménez, both members of the AeroSTREAM project team, have given inspirational workshops lasting approximately two hours to school and high school students.

Specifically, María Jiménez gave a session at the San Isidoro School, located in Granada, within the framework of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrated on February 11. For her part, Silvia de los Santos held her session at the Juan de Mairena Institute, located in Marina del Aljarafe (Seville).

Dissemination and civic engagement activities have been held to inform children from different schools and institutes about the AeroSTREAM project, as an example of an innovative and inclusive project that promotes collaboration between public institutions and the transfer of knowledge. The focus has also been placed on both the project’s own activity and the opportunities offered by European Projects for those who want to dedicate themselves to the development of technologies in industry as well as in the field of research. In addition, it highlights the fundamental role of women in a booming sector such as aerial robotics.

Both workshops have had a high participation of students and teaching staff, more than 120 participants between the two schools, and all of them received a package of AeroSTREAM materials.

It should be noted that many of the students were not aware of the existence of the technologies shown, nor of all the research that was being carried out in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. A lot of curiosity was sparked among the students and several of them expressed interest in studying robotics and physics in the future.

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