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CTA participates in a meeting of Agrobridges project in Thessaloniki to improve the position of farmers in the agri-food chain

The Agrifood technical officer of CTA, Nathalie Chavrier, and the consultant María Jiménez have participated today in a consortium meeting of the agroBRIDGES project in Thessaloniki (Greece) to advance the implementation of this initiative aimed at improving the position of farmers in the agri-food chain.

The agroBRIDGES project, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, seeks to bring consumers and producers closer together by supporting short supply chains through a systemic and holistic tool: the agroBRIDGES Toolbox.

Supporting local farmers

The agroBRIDGES Toolbox will include communication materials, training programmes, different events and IT tools, positioning itself as an instrument that will provide practical support to producers, consumers and distributors, improving the position of farmers in the value chain.

The project will mobilize local farmers through short supply chains, focusing on reducing intermediaries and their margin.

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