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DIVAx project kicks off to promote transnational ICT projects applied to agriculture

The DIVAx project has officially kicked off with the aim of helping SMEs to develop transnational ICT projects applied to agriculture. CTA (Technological Corporation of Andalusia) participates in this initiative, funded by the European programme Horizon 2020 through the SmartAgriHubs project, together with 5 other partners from 4 European countries (Spain, France, Portugal and Italy).

DIVAx will facilitate the opening up to Europe of ‘AgTech‘ SMEs, i.e. those using digital technology applied to agriculture. The project will offer a range of services aimed at increasing their knowledge of the EU innovation ecosystem and taking advantage of cross-border funding and collaboration opportunities.

On 21st June, DIVAx is organising the “European Day of Digital Agriculture”, an online fair to learn about trends and activities in digital AgTech at European level, which will include conferences, workshops, B2B meetings and virtual stands. During the event, business support services will be presented. Registration is free of charge and can be done at:

This initiative stems from the H2020 DIVA project, which ended in 2021 after funding 134 projects from 180 European SMEs on ICT solutions for the agri-food, forestry and environmental sectors.

Project partners

The DIVAx consortium is led by Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation (ASOI) and consists of 6 multidisciplinary and complementary partners:

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