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CTA leads a consortium meeting of the European project EERES4WATER in Évora

The CTA Energy and Environment technical officer, Germán López, and the consultants Marta Macías and José González have participated in a follow-up meeting of the European project EERES4WATER in Évora (Portugal). CTA is the coordinator of this project, which is co-financed by the Interreg Atlantic Area programme and integrates 11 partners from 5 European countries, with the aim of optimising the energy management of the water cycle.

At the meeting, organised by the University of Évora, the progress of the different work packages was presented, as well as the action plan for the last 6 months of the project and the strategy for the dissemination and exploitation of the results.

The project partners are working on a package of sustainable technologies to make water management more efficient. Low-cost wave-driven energy generation, wastewater decontamination and desalination systems powered by renewable energy and pump used as a turbine are some of these technologies.

In addition, the project has recently published a report on the opportunities offered by open innovation to develop technology solutions at the water-energy nexus. The report explores the innovation ecosystem in the countries of the Atlantic region, with the aim of identifying the main stakeholders, the innovation tools used, as well as good practices and success stories.

As part of the capitalisation of results, the project has launched an interactive map with information on 80 EU-funded projects related to the water-energy nexus, with the aim of identifying synergies and opportunities for collaboration.

Thanks to all the know-how generated in the framework of the project, the partners are providing transnational consultancy services to companies on innovative technologies in the water-energy nexus, in the fields of desalination and renewable energy.

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