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7 Spanish SMEs get funding from GEN4OLIVE to improve the olive breeding process

The European project GEN4OLIVE has published the results of the first call for proposals, in which 7 Spanish SMEs will receive funding to develop 5 innovative projects that improve the olive breeding process.

INNEA Alternativas Biotecnológicas (Valladolid), Agrofervi Explotaciones Agrícolas (Badajoz), Plantas Continental (Córdoba), EC2CE (Sevilla) and Brioagro Tech (Sevilla) are the Spanish SMEs that will receive up to €100,000 for their collaborative projects. The companies Luque Ecológico (Córdoba) and Alberizas (Ceuta) will receive up to €50,000 for their individual projects.

Spain has been the country with the most beneficiary SMEs (7), followed by Italy (3), Greece (2) and Albania (2). In total, 14 SMEs will receive funding to develop 2 individual projects and 6 collaborative projects, with a budget of €700,000. The second call for GEN4OLIVE will open in September 2022.

The topics of these projects were the recovery and revalorization of olive varieties, the development of an intelligent App for the evaluation and management of olive farms and the exploitation of olive varieties with high commercial potential in Spain, among others.

GEN4OLIVE is a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme and coordinated by the University of Córdoba, in which the universities of Jaén and Granada, CTA (Technological Corporation of Andalusia) and the companies Balam Agriculture, Cámbrico Biotech and Santa Cruz Engineering also participate.

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