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The IAMAT and CTA organise a cycle of five events with companies to transfer mathematics to different productive sectors

The IAMAT (Andalusian Interuniversity Institute of Mathematical Research) and CTA (Technological Corporation of Andalusia) will celebrate between May and June a total of 5 events with over 12 companies to promote transference and the application of results of 25 mathematical research groups from 6 Andalusian universities in different productive sectors.

“The objective of this cycle is to add value to the business network and support innovation” highlighted Tomás Chacón, Technology Transfer Service Coordinator of IAMAT, who also claimed that, according to a recent study from AFI and IAMAT, “the intensive activities in mathematics and its indirect and induced effects represened 16.2% of the GVA of the Andalusian economy in 2019”.

Tepro, AGQ, Cajamar, Endesa, Emasesa, Wellness, Cepsa, Rovi, Biomedal, MP and Ghenova are some of the companies that will participate of these events between May and June.

Smart farming, smart cities, predictive maintenance, biotechnology and health, and digital twins are some of the sectors that can benefit from applying mathematics research results.

The research areas where the implicated groups are working on are: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science and Optimisation, Algebra and Chriptography, Image Analysis, Mathematical Modelling through Differential Equations and Transport Problems.

The IAMAT integrates 230 researchers representing 25 groups from 6 public Andalusian universities: Almeria (UAL), Cadiz (UCA), Granada (UGR), Malaga (UMA), Seville (US) and Pablo de Olavide (UPO).

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