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CTA celebrates its 15th anniversary after promoting more than 700 R&D projects and mobilizing more than €521M

CTA (Technological Corporation of Andalusia) celebrates 15 years of existence boosting innovation. CTA has promoted more than 4,000 R&D and innovation business projects and has awarded more than 175 million euros to more than 700 projects, which have mobilized more than 521 million euros of private investment.

The foundation has helped hundreds of companies of all sectors and sizes, from large corporations to incipient start-ups, to take advantage of the R&D and innovation as a strategic tool to be more competitive and generate more business opportunities.

On its 15th anniversary, CTA now faces a new stage of growth with Francisco Mochón as president, appointed by the Board last June, and with large new projects such as the open innovation platform conneCTA, a link for innovative entities that offer and demand technology.

Change in the production model

In this new stage, CTA will continue contributing to the change in the production model in Andalusia (Spain), to collaborate in the digitization and decarbonization of the economy and to strengthen the science-technology ecosystem in the region.

CTA has deployed a wide range of advanced R&D and innovation support services for any innovative entity, from public entities to companies and universities. It has already served over 100 clients, with a 30% repeat rate. The strategic advice on R&D and innovation, search for financing, help in the internationalisation of innovation, technological surveillance, tax advantages for R&D and innovation and open innovation initiatives are some of the main services. 

Among the most recent successes, its strong position in the international market stands out, where it has become a reference partner in innovation projects both at the European and multilateral levels, with more than 20 initiatives currently underway. In addition, CTA is among the 15 most outstanding Andalusian entities in the 2014-2019 period in the Horizon 2020 (H2020) programme, the European Commission’s programme for innovation and research.

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