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CTA participates in a coordination meeting of the European Project Track in Angers

CTA Business Development Consultant Rocío de la Rosa attended the first coordination meeting of the European Project TRACK in Angers (France), to create a regional ecosystem that stimulates innovative solutions in the vegetable agri-food chain. 

In addition, De la Rosa attended the SIVAL fair, where Vegepolis, one of the project partners, presented the project. SIVAL is a French trade fair for equipment and services for all vegetable productions: arboriculture, vegetable crops, seeds, viticulture, horticulture, medicine and aromatics. 640 exhibitors and 24,000 professional visitors participated.

European cooperation to improve the application of Big Data to the agri-food sector

The European TRACK project aims to promote cooperation between European regions for the application of Big Data and the improvement of traceability of the agri-food sector, especially in plant production. 

Funded by the COSME program of the European Union (EU) and with a term of two years, is coordinated by Vegepolys (France) and integrates 4 other European partners: Agro Transilvania Cluster (Romania), Emilia Romagna Regional Agrifood Cluster (Italy), Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) and Greenport West Holland (The Netherlands). 

The aim of the Track project is to create an interregional ecosystem that stimulates innovative solutions for the agri-food chain and joint investments for the development of agribusiness 4.0 (smart agrifood), focusing on the plant production value chain and fostering the ICT sector’s approach to the agri-food industry, especially through SMEs. 

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