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BIOLIZA and Andaltec will lead two innovative proposals on olive-based bioeconomy in Andalusia.

These entities are Andalusian winners of the Innovation Support Program within the European project SCALE-UP.

BIOLIZA and Andaltec (Andaltec Foundation for R&D) have been the two selected entities in Andalusia for the Innovation Support Program for bio-based solutions within the European project SCALE-UP. In the program, led by CTA as a partner of SCALE-UP, twelve bio-based solutions from six European regions, including Andalusia, will be supported in entering the market.

The proposals from BIOLIZA and Andaltec are based on the utilization of olive biomass, encompassing not only technological innovations but also the generation of sustainable economic benefits for Andalusia.

About the winning solutions

BIOLIZA, a spin-off from the University of Jaén dedicated to research and providing solutions in energy valorization of agricultural and forestry byproducts, presents their project “Design and development of a business model for biochar production”. As part of SCALE-UP’s Innovation Support Program, BIOLIZA aims to commercialize biochar obtained through the treatment of byproducts from the olive and olive oil industry.

Andaltec, a technological center specializing in transformed plastics and metals, has proposed the project “COMPOLIVE Biorefinery”. Serving as an extension of their work from the European project LIFE Comp0live, Andaltec’s SCALE-UP Innovation Support Program proposal involves establishing a biorefinery to process and condition olive pruning waste. By incorporating pruning waste into polymer-based composite materials, opportunities for bioplastics and nanocomposites production would emerge.  

The selection of these two ideas highlights Andalusia’s potential in the olive-based bioeconomy. In the coming months, BIOLIZA and Andaltec will participate in innovation support sessions designed within the program, including market evaluations and the design of business models tailored to their proposals.

About the Innovation Support Program

The twelve selected innovative ideas, originating from six European regions participating in SCALE-UP, such as northern Sweden, Mazovia (Poland), the Atlantic Arc of France, Upper Austria, Strumica (North Macedonia), and Andalusia, have been evaluated by an expert committee based on their technical, social, and market readiness, viability, vision, and alignment with bioeconomy principles.

In the following months, the Innovation Support Program led by CTA at the European level will work with the two winning solutions in Andalusia to drive their scaling, focusing on accessing international markets and securing public and private funding. Implementation will be guided by working groups providing real feedback on market fit and funding opportunities. These groups will comprise members from the ecosystem across the value chain, including potential technology collaborators, investors, and even customers for the solutions themselves.

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