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CTA brings together Andalusian agri-food producers and distributors at an online networking event

CTA, as a member of the European project agroBRIDGES, held an online networking day on 29th March to bring together producers and distributors from the agri-food sector in Andalusia. The event, entitled ‘Let’s build our Short Food Supply Chains’ (SFSCs), was attended by various companies and organisations interested in learning more about this proximity business model and sharing their experiences with those present. This networking meeting has been replicated during the months of February and March in the twelve pilot regions that are part of the agroBRIDGES project, including Andalusia, due to its important agricultural weight.

The event was led by the CTA Innovation Consultants, María Jiménez and Paula Rosa; and the CTA Communication Technician, Sofía Sánchez, and was carried out through the Brella platform. During the meeting, participants received information about the agroBRIDGES project, the situation of short food supply chains in Andalusia and the project’s Toolbox, a selection of 12 digital resources in several languages to facilitate the incorporation of new actors to the SFSCs. In addition, attendees showcased their products and services in a round of presentations and arranged bilateral meetings in search of new collaborations.

The European project agroBRIDGES will strengthen its agenda of events in the coming months, in order to validate its Toolkit by farmers and distributors. The meetings will also serve to add new members to its Multi Actors Platform (MAP), a database of agri-food entities that can connect to offer or demand from each other new products and services based on short food supply chains.

About agroBRIDGES

The agroBRIDGES project, funded with 2.9 million euros by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, proposes the development of a multi-stakeholder framework for the agri-food sector, as well as a set of support tools to improve the market position of farmers and reduce the margin of intermediaries.

The consortium has 15 partners from 11 countries, including CTA as leader of the work package for replication of project results in Europe.

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