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CTA leads P5 Innobroker project to promote Public Procurement for Innovation

The European project P5 Innobroker has kicked off with the aim of promoting Public Procurement for Innovation (PPI) in Southern Europe. CTA (Technological Corporation of Andalusia) leads this initiative, co-financed by the COSME programme of the European Union (EU), in which five other European entities also participate: the Ea Ecoentreprises cluster (France), the Hellas Technological Center of Thessaloniki (Greece), the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, the Larnaca and Famagusta Regional Development Agency (Cyprus) and the Sarajevo Regional Development Agency (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The Public Procurement for Innovation is a tool to promote innovation from the public sector through the acquisition of innovative solutions. P5 Innobroker is a strategic project for the European Commission, which thus aims to promote the launch and implementation of Public Procurement for Innovation initiatives due to its dynamic effect on the business fabric and modernization of Public Administrations.

A new framework to extend the PPI

In its three years of execution, P5 Innobroker will analyze the viability of new business models based on support services for the preparation and execution of Public Procurement for Innovation initiatives, both for public administrations and for bidding entities.

In addition, the project plans to train and stimulate the public sector so that it can significantly increase the contracting of innovative technologies, products and solutions, while at the same time supporting the expansion of technology-based companies that can compete in tenders.

To do this, it will facilitate an online platform as a meeting point for innovative entities. It will promote the exchange of good practices between public administrations. Finally, it will organize co-creation and coworking events, creating a framework for the deployment of this contracting modality.

Within the general scope of the project, special attention will be paid to the sectors of health, environmental protection, energy efficiency and renewable energies, mobility and sustainable transport and digital transformation of administrations.

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