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CTA joins the European PIC cluster to promote innovation in plant production

CTA has recently become a member of the Plant Intercluster (PIC), a European cluster coordinated by the French cluster Vegepolys Valley. The PIC is made up of 10 European entities and aims to promote innovation around plant production, as well as create a common strategy to facilitate the international development of clusters and their member companies.

Vegepolys Valley, Agri Sud Ouest Innovation, Innov’allliance (France), Greenport West-Holland (Netherlands), Clust-ER (Italy), FEMAC, Biovegen (Spain), AgroClusterRibatejo (Portugal) and Ind Agro Pol (Romania) are European entities that are part of the PIC and that have signed a memorandum of understanding to:

  • Exchanges of best practices in innovation governance.
  • Support of technological cooperation and partnerships for innovation.
  • Identification of complementary international skills in order to remove technological bottlenecks.
  • International business opportunities.

With this agreement, CTA maintains its commitment to expanding its international activity in key sectors for Spain, and particularly for Andalusia, such as agri-food digitisation and the bioeconomy.

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