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EERES4WATER presents WAVE2O™ technology at an European event organised by Interreg Atlantic Area Programme

The European project EERES4WATER has participated in the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme stakeholder conference. Resolute Marine represented EERES4WATER in the stakeholder conference and presented the development of Wave2O™, an innovative wave-driven desalination technology system.

Furthermore, EERES4WATER continues its work focused on the development of innovative solutions that promotes the use of marine renewable energies in the Atlantic Area. Among the progress that the project has been carrying out in recent months it has been remarkable the use in Spanish waters of Wave2O™ technology that applies ocean waves to drive a desalination system. It is also worth highlighting the progress of the University of Seville concerning the development of delayed pressure osmosis modelling software, key in the use of energy efficiency in the water cycle.

Wave2O ™ system, wave energy for desalination

In recent months, testing has been carried out with the Wave2O™ system, a technology that uses ocean waves to run a desalination system. The main objective of this action was to define the cost of the Wave2O™ demonstration in the Canary Islands Ocean Platform (PLOCAN), a Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructure (ICTS) aimed to promote the development of innovative technologies for the responsible and sustainable use of the oceans managed by the Government of Spain and the Government of the Canary Islands.

After careful consideration of wave energy resources, topology, and reliability of the operation, a location was selected following from six previous preliminary studies in the vicinity of the desalination plant in the Canary Islands. During this time, an analysis of the geotechnical data has been carried out and an operation plan has been designed describing all the activities that will be perform in order to prove the effectiveness of the Wave2O™ system.

The University of Seville leads the development of delayed pressure osmosis modelling software

Further progress has recently been made in the technical development of energy efficiency solutions in the water cycle. In this context, relevant progress has been accomplished in the reverse osmosis (RO) process of seawater, driven by the complementarity of solar photovoltaic and tidal resources.

In addition, the University of Seville has already made some improvements in a delayed pressure osmosis (PRO) modelling software, as well as in the modelling of industrial wastewater and desalination plants to operate with variable energy consumption.

At the same time, the Canary Islands Institute of Technology (ITC) has been working in cooperation with the University of Seville and the Aquastill company on evaluating the use of residual heat from gas turbines in the separation process based on membrane distillation.


The EERES4WATER project is coordinated by Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) and co-financed by the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme through the European Regional Development Fund.

The project consortium includes 10 organisations from 5 European countries:

  • Spain: CTA, University of Seville, CIEMAT-PSA and Canary Islands Institute of Technology (ITC).
  • Ireland: University College Cork (UCC) – MaREI and Resolute Marine (RML). 
  • Portugal: ENERAREA and the University of Évora – Chair in Renewable Energy (UEVORA).
  • UK: Cardiff University – The School of Engineering.
  • France: Campus E.S.P.R.I.T. Industries (GIP-Redon).

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