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CTA participates in a Focus Group on innovation in European agriculture

The Agrifood Technical Officer of CTA, Nathalie Chavrier, participated on Tuesday and Wednesday in a focus group of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Agriculture of the European Commission, held in Nantes (France).

This is the second and last meeting of this group, consisting of some experts in the reduction of production losses on farms. The countries represented in this group are Estonia, Finland, Ireland, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Spain.


An App to reduce food waste

Some innovative initiatives were presented at the meeting, such as a mobile App for consumers interested in reducing food waste in Europe. Currently, this App is developing a pilot project with farmers in Nantes. In addition, an innovation project related to the reduction of productive losses carried out by the French company Vegepolys was presented. Vegepolys is a European partner of CTA in the TRACK project.

The objective of this group has been to generate innovation opportunities and challenges, as well as to propose some lines of research related to the factors that generate losses of vegetable production on farms, the technologies that generate added value and the strategies that could be implemented to reduce the waste of food.

The group of experts will write a paper and a report with some recommendations for the future of European agriculture after this meeting.

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