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Sando and Grant Thornton design an Intelligent System to apply BIM in Construction

Sando and Grant Thornton have started the Rebecca research project, co-funded by Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA), with the aim of creating an intelligent system for the automatic application of the BIM methodology in construction. Tools based on BIM technology are replacing CAD programs worldwide. 

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a collaborative methodology for the management of building and civil works projects through a 3D digital model. BIM forms a large database to manage the elements of an infrastructure throughout its life cycle. 

The Rebecca project focuses on the design of a system of rules and AI algorithms that work on the BIM database to improve the control and monitoring of construction projects. 

The implementation of this intelligent system requires the study and evaluation of the internal procedures of a company to adapt them to the technical requirements of BIM. In a second phase, the processes are modeled so that the system can extract the information automatically. 


The Rebecca project proposes to apply advanced computer methods of deep learning (neural networks) to the data that is already parameterized thanks to BIM, with the aim of extracting knowledge patterns. 

For example, one pattern could be how often some jobs are delayed by a change in material specification or what is the expected cost increase due to this change. 

The Rebecca project incorporates AI into the system, providing an experience that allows the user to extract the potential of technology. The objective is to design an expert system that constantly learns and provides the person in charge of each project with suggestions that, based on the existing knowledge in Sando, allows him to make the best decisions to achieve better-built projects, in more concrete deadlines and with more adjusted costs. 

The head of Building and Civil Works industry of CTA, Carlos Garcia, said: “Rebecca is an ambitious digital transformation project that will mark a before and after for Sando”. In his opinion, “the application of BIM technology will make the processes under construction more efficient, accurate and successful”. 


This research will facilitate that Sando offers unique services in BIM that increase the quality of the projects and can be quickly adapted to the client’s requirements, increasing efficiency and constituting a competitive advantage by reducing execution periods and operating costs. 

With the Rebecca project, Grant Thornton will make one of the first worldwide IA applications to a real work context, which will serve to strengthen the technological environment of its BIM and Project Management services. 

Together with Sando and Grant Thornton, the Rebeca project has the collaboration of the Neurotechnology research group of the University of Malaga and is co-funded by the Technological Corporation of Andalusia.

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