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The second GEN4OLIVE call is open with €250,000 for olive breeding plans
  • The deadline to submit applications is open from October 20th, 2022 until January 25th, 2023.
  • SMEs can apply for funding up to €10.000 for individual projects.

The European project GEN4OLIVE has launched  its second call aimed at SMEs in which activities related to the design of olive breeding plans and its validation activities will be funded.

The University of Cordoba is coordinating this project in collaboration with 15 partners coming from 7 different countries (Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Turkey and Morocco), including the international Germplasm Banks of the top 5 olive growing countries.

Applicant SMEs can receive up to €10,000 in funding for individual projects with a duration of 12 months. Each company can apply for a maximum of 3 projects as long as the ideas/proposals are different. Applicants can submit their proposals through the GEN4OLIVE project website. This second call will be open until 25 January 2023.

Call requirements

Proposals should build on the results of previous research related to the GEN4OLIVE project in order to design a breeding plan taking advantage of existing olive genetic resources inside and outside the Germplasm Banks, and to develop a feasibility study -related to commercial and technical aspects- of the breeding plan proposed in the project. 

The call is addressed to SMEs established in E.U. member states, H2020 associated countries or H2020 third countries that are interested in olive breeding activities, and that are end-users of the material available in the Germplasm Banks (i.e. breeders, farmers and olive oil or table olive producers).

The funded projects are expected to enhance multi-stakeholder collaboration and knowledge transfer between the project partners, the Germplasm Banks and the industrial fabric itself.

Information events

If you are thinking about participating in this 2nd Call for Proposals and need further information about it, you can attend the following infodays:

  • 22/11/2022 – Turkish Infoday.
  • 24/11/2022 – Greek Infoday.
  • 6/12/2022 – Moroccan Infoday.

You can check all the information related to these events here .


The European project GEN4OLIVE is an Innovation Action funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union (EU) to accelerate the use of olive genetic resources with the aim of solving the problems faced by the sector.

For further information:

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