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European Project P2P finBIO completes its last workshop in the Netherlands

The European Project P2P finBIO completed its fifth workshop in the Netherlands to continue working in a guide of good practices and funding instruments of the national and European scene for the agri-food and bioeconomy sectors. The 5 European bio-based clusters that conform the project consortium met in the city of Wageningen to know the Dutch innovation ecosystem.

The workshop was organised by Foodvalley NL, an independent international organisation working together with front runners to accelerate the global transition to a sustainable food system.

A total of 5 workshops have been held in each of the consortium countries, the others being: Denmark, Spain, France and Portugal.

During the two-day workshop the consortium visited Foodvalley NL, Wageningen University, Startlife, Starthub, Plus Ultra II building at Wageningen, World Food Centre in Ede, various start-up companies and the Regional Development Agency OostNLand. “It was a great pleasure to host the visiting organisations, exchange experiences and further build upon the Design Options Paper (DOP) – final deriverable of the project- on the ecosystem for innovation and financing in the food and bioeconomy. Jointly supporting international collaboration and entrepreneurship”, Jeroen Wouters. Lead Global Connections at Foodvalley NL.

About the project

P2P finBIO is coordinated by Food & Bio Cluster Denmark and made up of four other European organisations which work closely with the agri-food and bioeconomy sectors. The five partners are part of the national innovation ecosystem in their respective regions, and offer services related to innovation management, business modelling, internationalisation and facilitating access to funding.

The partners are:

To learn more about the project, contact Project Leader Heidi Høy Dyrholm,  

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 967555.

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